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Marathon of the Grands Crus 2022

Are you available for a few hours, all day, or occasionally before/during the marathon?

Experience the marathon from behind the scenes and join the organization team!



  • on weekends when the weather is good, to help us distribute leaflets;

  • the whole week preceding the marathon for logistics and the preparation of bibs, podiums, gifts, supplies...;

  • Saturday, October 08 for the assembly, delivery of equipment in the municipalities and the delivery of bibs;

  • Sunday, October 09 as a flagman mainly (300 flagmen), but also the animation, the supplies, the race and the secretariat.

  • Sunday, October 09 to ensure the relief of volunteers on the job since 06:30 to help with dismantling!

  • the 3 days after the marathon for the logistics of returning the equipment.

Sign up below!

You will be contacted by the volunteer coordination team.

General meeting in September (date and place specified later), in or around Dijon.

A huge THANK YOU for your involvement, without you nothing would be possible!

Marathon des Grands Crus_Refueling.jpg
Start of the Grands Crus Marathon Dijon France.JPG
Volunteers Marathon des Grands Crus Dijon.jpg
Montage Arche Marathon des Grands Crus Dijon.jpg
Secretariat Marathon des Grands Crus France.jpg
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