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Each competitor agrees to follow the rules of the races

ART 1 – Sports regulations in force


Inline Skating: Sports regulation: FFRS, World Inline CupWorld Skate,

Running: rules of  out of stadium races,

Handisport: FFH regulations.


ART 2 – Registration for races


Participation in the races is subject to registration.

Online registration only, even on site - registration section. Registration on site is possible within the limit of available race numbers. On site, payment in cash/cheque is possible, otherwise online.

  • 42 km running: 1500 race numbers

  • 21 km running : 1000 race numbers

  • 42 km inline skating: 1500 race numbers

  • 21 km inline skating: 500 race numbers

  • Inline skating kids race: 500 race numbers

  • Running kids race: 500 race numbers


Events are opened to people with disabilities: We are very happy to welcome you! Contact us before registration for preferential rates. Specific regulations : see article 3.

For underage people, parental authorisation is required and must be validated at the time of registration.


ART 3 – Access to races


The races are open to both licence holders (valid FFA or FFRS licence to be attached to the registration form) and non-licence holders (on presentation of a medical certificate "inline skating including in competition and/or running including in competition, dated less than one year before the day of the race, to be attached to the registration form) depending on the races, their age, sex and level defined according to the programme, Cf article 3-B below.

Download the medical certificate model


Runners without a race number, animals, rolling machines with or without electrical assistance, motorised machines, flying machines such as drones are strictly forbidden on the course, except for those belonging to the organisation. No bicycles, skateboards, long boards, unicycles, scooters, electric scooters...


Accompanying persons and followers are not allowed, subject to penalty of disqualification of the athlete.


Only inline skates, quads and wheelchairs (with brakes) are allowed in the skate races (FFRS equipment regulations); as well as Joëlettes in the running event.


The organisation is allowed to to disqualify a participant who does not respect the safety conditions and who has an inappropriate attitude to the spirit of the event.


Helmets must be worn by all skaters and wheelchair users. Protective gear is mandatory for children.

The regulation size of inline wheels must not exceed 125 millimetres for the Inline Skating Marathon and 110 millimetres for the Inline Skating Half Marathon.

Visually impaired athlete :

  • The blind or partially sighted athlete and his or her guide are inseparable;

  • The athlete may only have one guide;

  • The guide will have a specific number.


Wheelchair users and crews :

  • Helmet and gloves must be worn in accordance with the regulations in force;

  • For wheelchair athletes in running races, registration is only possible in the morning. As an exception, a passage will be possible in front of the Clos de Vougeot castle to avoid the white path and the cobblestone path. A volunteer will allow you this access (300 meters less).

  • The inline skating-wheelchair crews (afternoon inline skating race) and the Joëlettes (morning run) must be positioned behind the competitors at the start, and the number of accompanying persons is limited to 6. These accompanying persons will be provided with race numbers.


Warning: For the inline skating race, difficult climb between Vougeot and Chambolle-Musigny and  2 potentially tricky downhill. Wheelchairs must be equipped with a functioning brake.

Wheelchairs with pedals are not allowed.


PRM toilets are located at Place Wilson, 200m from the start/finish line and at Chambolle-Musigny, Place de la Mairie (signposting provided).


A PRM shuttle will be provided in the rotations, specific schedules will be communicated to the crews and athletes in wheelchairs.



ART 4 – Program (could be modified)


SATURDAY 16 october 2021

14h/19h     Open Marathon  village
                    Bibs removal

16h00        Inline Skating speed contest 100m - series 

17h30         Inline Skating speed contest 100m - Half finals

18h00        Inline Skating speed contest 100m - Final
                     Podiums  Inline Skating speed contest 100m


SUNDAY 17 october 2021

6h00     Close road circuit - Cours Général de Gaulle

7h00     Close roads

8h00     Start Running Marathon - 42 km - Place Wilson
              Start Running Half-Marathon - 21 km - Place Wilson

9h30     Inline Kids Races
               9h30 : 1000m -  Superminis and minis (2015 / 2013)
               9h50 : 5km - Poussins (2012 / 2011) and Benjamins (2010 / 2009)

10h30    First finishes Running Marathon

11h30    Podiums Inline Skating Kids Races

12h00    Podiums Running Half-Marathon

13h00    Podiums Marathon Running 

14h00    Finish of the last running competitor

14h30    Start Inline Skating Marathon - 41,8 km - Place Wilson
14h30    Start Seniors/Juniors MEN - World Inline Cup - CFM
14:30:30 Start Seniors/Juniors WOMEN - World Inline Cup - CFM
14h31     Start Masters and Fun

15h30    First finishes Inline Skating Marathon

16h15     Podiums Inline Skating Marathon

15h15     Start Inline Skating Half-Marathon - 21 km  - Vougeot

16h00    First finishes inline skating half-marathon

17h00    Podiums inline skating half-marathon

17h30    Finish of the last competitor

18h00    Closing village


ART 5 – Shuttles inline skating half-marathon


Due to the traffic difficulties linked to the closure of the circuit and the absence of parking near the start, participants must take a shuttle bus to get to the start of the inline skating half marathon.  Buses are scheduled every 5 minutes between 1.00 pm and 1.30 pm at Place Wilson. You can choose the shuttle bus time when you register.


The shuttles will stop in Gilly-les-Cîteaux, the competitors will have 300 meters to go to the start, by a secured pedestrian path which will be signposted. For safety reasons, competitors must not use any other access than this pedestrian path.


A baggage truck will be made available to competitors at the start of the inline skating half marathon, which will go back to Dijon.  The modalities of bag marking will be specified by mail and on the spot.


Buses will not return to Dijon, they will go to the bus station in Chalon-sur-Saône. NO ACCOMPANYING PERSON will be allowed to take these shuttles. Underage skaters (13/17 years old) will have to be able to take care of themselves, knowing that there will be volunteers on site whom they can rely on if necessary.


ART 6 – Race time limit / Out of the race


For the safety of all and the smooth running of the events, time limits are imposed. The time limits must be respected. Any participant who does not respect these times will be disqualified. 

The time limits can be consulted in the safety file, on the website and in the document "list of roads taken".​


  • Kids RUNNING: 20 minutes per race.


  • Kids INLINE: 20 minutes per race.


  • RUNNING  MARATHON 42 km (6h) et HALF-MARATHON 21 km (4h)


Time limit at 11:18 am in Vougeot for runners heading back to Dijon..

Departure of the broom wagon at 11:18 am in Vougeot (Chateau) in the return direction to Dijon (42km).

Last shuttle back to Dijon from Vougeot at 12:45.

See all the time limits.​




Competitors arriving after the maximum time at the checkpoints will be disqualified and will finish in the broom wagon.

See all the time limits.



The broom wagon (bus) marks the end of the races. Competitors who are disqualified from the race are invited to get on the broom wagon to be dropped off at the Start/Finish Village located at the Allées du Parc de Dijon. A competitor who refuses to board the broom wagon will be disqualified and will have to withdraw his number. He is then no longer considered a competitor and is placed under his own responsibility. See all time limits.

The broom wagon is only open to competitors with a race number.

​ART 7 – Mandatory documents INLINE SKATING


Attach to the registration form, or insert in the online space before the end of August, the FFRS licence (or the licence of the country of origin for foreigners) for the 2021/2022 season or a medical certificate of no contraindication to the practice of skating in competition dated less than one year before the date of the competition.

Download the model of medical certificate


​ART 8 – Mandatory document RUNNING

 Attach to the registration form, or insert in the online space before the end of August:

  •  a licence Athlé Compétition, Athlé Entreprise, Athlé Running or a Pass' Running, issued by the FFA, valid on the date of the event (season 2021-2022);

  •   OR : a medical certificate of no contraindication to the practice of running in competition, dating from less than one year before the date of the competition. No other document can be accepted as proof of possession of the medical certificate.


Download the model of medical certificate.

WARNING: Participants residing abroad: You are required to provide a medical certificate of no contraindication to the practice of running in competition, even if you hold a competition licence issued by a federation affiliated to the IAAF. This certificate must be dated, signed and allow the authentication of the doctor, whether or not the latter is established on French territory. If the doctor is foreign, the medical certificate must be written in French or English.


ART 9 – Timing


Mandatory use of electronic chips for all races:

  • Running races

  • Inline Skating races


A competitor starting without his or her chip will not appear in the ranking.

​Checkpoints in Marsannay and Chambolle-Musigny. A competitor who does not pass the checkpoint will be put out of the race.


ART 10 – Bibs


  • Inline Skating: 3 bibs- 1 helmet (left side), 1 leg (right side), 1 back

  • Running : 1 bib- 1 belly

Fixed with 4 pins (not supplied) or number holder.


Any competitor without a number cannot take part in the race.

Race numbers must be fully legible or they will be disqualified.


Running: youths and juniors will be identified by a specific coloured number.

Guides for blind people will have a specific number.


ART 11 – Return shuttles for running


A shuttle bus system (50 seats) is planned for the return of competitors doing the 21km (Chateau du Clos de Vougeot).


The shuttle bus parking areas are located close to the circuit. Shuttles pass every half hour or so at each pick-up point.
The return point is located at Place Wilson.



ART 12 – Refreshments


Refreshment stations are available on the circuit and are only open to competitors with a race number. The list of products offered at the refreshment stations is available on the refreshment page of the website. Each refreshment station will be composed of a sporting part with adapted products (sweet, liquid), and a more festive part with specificities of the region (sweet, salty, liquid).


Refreshment stations:

  • Chenôve

  • Marsannay-la-Côte

  • Fixin

  • Gevrey-Chambertin

  • Morey-Saint-Denis

  • Chambolle-Musigny

  • Vougeot (uniquement le matin)


The organisation reminds participants that alcohol abuse is dangerous to health and invites them to consume in moderation. The consumption of alcohol is strictly forbidden for minors (youths and juniors who will be identified by their specific race numbers). 

The organisation is allowed to disqualify a participant who does not respect the safety conditions and who has an inappropriate attitude to the spirit of the marathon.

Rubbish bins will be available at each refreshment station and "waste zones" will be set up and signposted at various points along the circuit. They must be used by the participants.


In order to respect the environment and the natural areas crossed, it is strictly forbidden to abandon waste (energy doses, paper, bottles, plastic packaging, etc.) outside these areas.


Participants must keep their rubbish until they reach the areas indicated by the organiser to dispose of it. The organiser reserves the right to award time penalties or to disqualify participants who deliberately dispose of waste outside the designated areas.

Toilets are provided, it is strictly forbidden to urinate outside the toilets.

ART 13 – Podiums


INLINE SKATING: Podium to the first 3 in each category according to the race program.


 - Poidums to the top 3 finishers in the youth, junior, espoir and senior categories in the marathon and half marathon. 

 - Grouped podiums for the first of each master category in the marathon and the half marathon. No podiums for the 2nd and 3rd.


ART 14 – Price money


World Inline Cup


Bonuses Inline Skating  (World Inline Cup)

Total bonuses: 6 000€

10 first men (from 1050 € to 50 € depending on the place)

10 first women (from 1050 € to 50 € depending on the place)

See the bonuses table on our website.

A competitor not present on the podium will not receive a bonus.

Running races

To confirm.



ART 15 – Distance and categories 2021 (inline skating 2022)


Youth running/roller relay races 2 x 1500m:

Race 1: Benjamins born in 2010 and 2011

Race 2: Cadets born in 2008 and 2009

Race 3: juniors born in 2006 and 2007


Inline skating kids races:

1000m - Superminis and minis (born in 2016 and 2014)

1500m - 1t - Poussins (born in 2013 and 2012)

3100m – 2t – Benjamins (born in 2011 and 2010)

Running Half-Marathon 21 km:

Born in  2003 and before  (from junior)

Running Marathon 42 km:

Born in 2001 and before (from espoir)


Inline Skating Half-marathon 21km

Youth: born between 2007 and 2004

Senior : Born in 2003 and before.


Inline Skating Marathon - World Cup

Juniors : JA + JB - 15/18 years old (2007/2004)

Senior : 19 à 29 years old - born from 2003 to 1993 inclusive

Master 1 - 30/49 years old - born from 1992 to 1973 inclusive

Master 2 - 50/59 years old - born from 1972 to 1963 inclusive

Master 3 - 60 years old and more, born in 1962 and before.

Particularity on the choice of the Master or Senior category French Cup / World Cup:

Any skater starting in SAS 1 (men) or SAS 2 (women) will automatically be classified as SENIOR whatever their age.

Skaters starting in SAS 3 will be classified in the official categories according to their age.

See the French Cup Protocol.


ART 16 – Cancellation


All entries are nominative, firm and definitive; they cannot be reimbursed or compensated for any reason whatsoever, unless you have subscribed to the cancellation option when you registered online. The organisation reserves the right to cancel the event in the event of force majeure or an event likely to affect the safety of competitors, staff or the public. In the event of cancellation, participants will be informed at the email address provided at the time of registration.

In the event of cancellation of the event due to a health crisis related to COVID 19, registrations will be reimbursed, minus the registration fees related to the management of the online registration platform and the security payment.

ART 17 – Change of registration


If you change your race to participate in a shorter distance, no refund will be given on your registration form. In case of a change of race to a longer distance, the runner will pay the difference. Race changes must also be made before 30 September 2021.

ART 18 – Insurance


The organisation has taken out a Civil Liability insurance policy in accordance with current legislation and has justified its validity to the prefectural services by submitting a certificate when requesting the administrative authorisation. It strongly recommends that all runners who do not have personal insurance covering their bodily injury, especially those who are not members of a sports federation, take out an individual accident policy for their participation in the event.

ART 19 - Image rights


By registering for one of the events of the Marathon des Grands Crus, each participant authorises the organising association, its members as well as its beneficiaries, such as partners and media, to use directly or in derivative form the still or audiovisual images taken on this occasion on which he/she may appear, and this on all media, including promotional and publicity documents, throughout the world and for the longest period of time provided for by current and future laws, regulations, customs and international conventions, implicitly renouncing any demand for remuneration or compensation.

ART 20 - Right to freedoms


In accordance with the amended "Informatique et Libertés" law of 6 January 1978, all registrants may exercise their right of access, rectification and opposition to personal data concerning them by contacting the organisation.

ART 21 - Site access and security


A specific map will be available online to indicate the possibilities to come and encourage the competitors on the circuit and also to enjoy the numerous animations in the villages.

WARNING: it is forbidden to enter the vineyards, the vines or the plots of land that belong to the private and protected domain (participants, spectators, volunteers, staff...).


The introduction onto the site of any objects that may be dangerous or illegal, including drugs, firearms, blunt objects and explosive materials is strictly prohibited.
In order to gain access to the site and to participate in the races, the participant acknowledges and expressly accepts that the organiser may call upon security personnel who will be authorised to check both persons and their personal effects. Any person wishing to access the site agrees to submit to this control. In case of refusal, the person will not be allowed to access the site.


The organiser and the security staff are entitled to refuse access to the site or the continuation of the race to participants whose behaviour is likely to disrupt the smooth running of the events, in particular (and without this being restrictive): the introduction of any object that could potentially hinder in any way whatsoever the progress of the race, traffic and/or the safety of other participants; the introduction of any distinctive sign promoting, in whatever form, a political, philosophical or religious opinion that is likely to be detrimental to the image of the event.



ART 22 - Sustainable development


The Marathon des Grands Crus (formerly the Dijon Roller Marathon) is committed to a sustainable development approach (CNOSF label since 2013).

ART 23 – Sportsmanship


Please respect the basic rules of sport and good citizenship.

  • Practice and make sure you have the minimum level required to take part in the chosen event within the time limit.

  • Respect: for rules, other competitors, judges, volunteers, speakers, the public, equipment and schedules;

  • Tolerance: look at the other competitors, no matter how different you are; pay attention to those who are weaker than you, to competitors you could overtake;

  • The environment: act as if it were your home!

  • Surpassing yourself: to the end of yourself!

  • Fair play: because your life, or your child's, does not depend on a race!


It's JUST sport, and may the best win!


Have a good race !