42 km

DIJON > Chateau Clos de Vougeot > DIJON

Temps limite de course 6h

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21 km

Vougeot > DIJON

Navettes Dijon - Vougeot

Temps limite de course 4h

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10 km

Chateau de Marsannay > DIJON

Navettes Dijon - Marsannay

Temps limite de course 2h

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> An exceptional circuit on the Route des Grands Crus

> Official Races FFA (out of stadium rules)

> Chip timing

> Group departures at 8.00 am

> Time limit - consult schedules and transit time

      - Marathon : 6h

      - Half-marathon : 4h

> Challenge STRAVA 

      - Measure your effort

      - Join the club.

> Categories

      - Official FFA categories

    -See rules and conditions of access.

> Have Fun

   Take advantage of the numerous activities and refreshments offered along the way. 

   Come in disguise!

> Shuttle service

     - Half-marathon: shuttles from Vougeot (10am to 12pm) to Dijon - Place Wilson

Youths Relay Running / Roller

- Non compétitif -
- Sans chrono ni classement -
- Médaille de participation pour tous -


Marathon des Grands Crus_2021_Courses Jeunes_Roller.JPG
Relais running roller Marathon des Grands Crus.jpg

Saturday 16 October - 4.30pm
Circuit Allées du Parc


  • By team of 2: 1 running + 1 roller 

  • 2 x 1500m

  • Free teams of boys, girls or mixed

  • Free registration required

Race 1: Benjamins: 2010/2011
Race 2: Cadets: 2009/2008
Race 3: Juniors: 2006/2007


CIRCUIT: Start on the line in the direction of the Michelet roundabout, downhill, around the roundabout, and back to the finish line via the Cours Général de Gaulle, uphill, 1500m.

Passing of the relay at the finish line, departure for 1 lap on skates.


Grouped departures L and R by distance


Podiums 1/2/3 per race.


Open to all (see conditions)

100m Speed contest

Samedi - 15h00
Circuit Allées du Parc

  • In corridors by 2.

  • 30 boys, 30 girls. From juniors B (born in 2007).

  • The 4 best times of the series compete in the semi-finals.

  • The two winners of the semi-finals face each other in the final,

  • The two seconds of the semi-finals, compete in the small final.

  • Limited number of places so register quickly!

  • (Canceled and refunded in case of rain)