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Be in "Magic Form" on the day of the event!

And one, two, one, two.... Go, go, go, get ready!

Train with our partner Magic Form to be in Olympic shape on D-day. The Dijon gym is open from Monday to Sunday from 6am to 11pm, ideal for adapting your training to your schedule. Of course, you have the possibility of being supervised by a professional who offers you a personalised follow-up and a programme adapted to your objectives.

On 17 October, a Magic Form fitness area will be present in the village on the Allées du Parc. A dozen home-trainers will be available for the athletes' warm-up and recovery.

A Magic Form animator will be on hand to raise the atmosphere a few seconds before the start of the running marathon by offering you a little warm-up that should get you in shape for the race!

Magic Form offers subscriptions to the Marathon des Grands Crus raffle:

- quarterly subscriptions,

- tickets for discovery sessions of group classes.

You can also try your luck at winning the grand prize: A FREE YEAR in the Magic For Dijon gym!

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