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Interview - Jean Theurel - Winner of the 2021 Running Marathon

Can you introduce yourself in a few words?

Originally from Dijon, I am currently living in Nancy with my wife and 2 children since 2016. I work in research at INRS. I was a cyclist in my younger years, but now I do more running, especially because of the time I can devote to it....

Jean Theurel after the finish line in the Marathon des Grands Crus 2021

How did you know the Marathon des Grands Crus ?

Through my friend Paul Lalire, who was the sponsor of the event for its 2020 edition, unfortunately cancelled by the health crisis.

How did you prepare for this marathon?

I run almost every day, about 1 hour. This is my balance with work. No session, no constraints, just the rhythm of the day, according to my feelings.

Did you aim to win ?

No, absolutely not. I had run a half-marathon in 1h12 before the health crisis, so I had a notion of the pace I could set. On the other hand, I had no idea, neither of the competition, nor of my ability to cover 42 km...


How did you prepare yourself just before the race?

I arrived from Nancy the day before, to spend a day with my family. In the morning, after a good breakfast, I went to the start site by bike...nothing could be easier...

How did you find the atmosphere before the start?

The atmosphere was good. I was able to talk to other participants in a very informal way. I was relaxed, happy to be setting off on my first marathon, on the roads of my childhood, with members of my family as unconditional followers...

What did you enjoy most about the event?

The route through the vineyards. I will keep a very good memory of the bright morning sun on the red autumn vines....

What is the hardest part of a marathon for you?

The last kilometre ...

What will you remember about your experience?

When I met the peloton after the half marathon: so many people, so much encouragement, and a festive atmosphere.

In one word, how would you sum up the Marathon des Grands Crus?

A great experience, which I recommend to all running enthusiasts.

Do you have any advice for runners who have never participated and are hesitant to start?

No, but one comment: 2 days later, you want to do it again... ;-)


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