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Interview - Nolan Beddiaf - Winner Skating Marathon 2021

Hello Nolan, can you introduce yourself for the people who don't know you ?

Nolan Beddiaf, winner of the Skating Marathon des Grands Crus 2021

Hello, my name is Nolan BEDDIAF, I am 31 years old and I skate since I was 8 years old.

I am :

4x World Champion including 2 on marathon

3x European champion including 1 on marathon

20x French champions including 5 on marathon

Winner of the Marathon des Grands Crus.

I am a member of the Roller In Line Club Lamballe in Brittany and member of the EOSKATES World Team since 2012.

You knew the old course on the Allées du Parc. What do you think of the new course on a 42 km loop ?

The 42 km loop is a revolution for Dijon, few marathons in the world can afford it. What is really great is to have kept the soul of the Dijon Roller Marathon with the Allées du Parc, it's the history and the heart of this marathon, for the old timers it's a landmark and for the newcomers it's very nice and pleasant!

The vineyards and the varied course in the heart of autumn are a real eye-opener and all this on very beautiful and safe roads.

What was your state of mind at the start of the race ? Did you want to win ? Did you have a strategy with the EO Skates team ?

With my hit list, to say that I came to make a top 5 would be a lie, with the world champion suit that I wore last year, I had no choice but to come for the win. I always wanted to add Dijon to my list of achievements, so every year when I come here it's to win. I wanted the race to be hard to get rid of as many people as possible and to finish alone or in a small group, for a reduced sprint with less uncertainty, it worked, so much the better.

Nolan, at the front, hardens the race by multiplying the attacks

Did you recognize the course ?

No, I didn't recognize the circuit but I studied the videos made by the organization and the AM Sports club as well as the roadbook, I felt ready to fight.

How did the race go ?

I attacked a lot to gauge the competition and skim the pack. I rode solo at the beginning of the race, there was a good response from Patxi [Peula Cabello, 2nd in 2021] and his teammate, and then at the end there were only 8 of us left to fight for the victory, which I won in a sprint ahead of Patxi.

You have often come to the Dijon Marathon, what makes you appreciate this event ?

It's an important race for marathoners, a must to make a name for yourself, and to add it to your list of achievements is a guarantee of being a very good runner. With Rennes, these are the two biggest marathons in France, so as the best marathon nation in the world over the last decade (5/10) it is an obligation to be there.

A highlight of 2021 on the Marathon des Grands Crus? An anecdote? A word to to add for the skaters or the organization ?

The favorite moment of 2021 remains the victory but also the autumnal colors of the vineyards, it was absolutely magnificent.

The Dijon Marathon has undergone a major transformation with a 42km loop to continue to attract people and the arrival of running events, so I invite everyone to come and discover this race because there is no better place to close the season.

Victory of Nolan on the Allées du Parc in Dijon, in front of Patxi Peula Cabello (Esp)


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