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3,2,1, let's go : discover the content of the start kit !

In your start kit you will of course find your race number, an essential element for the start of the race! Feel the adrenaline rush as you pin it to your outfit a few minutes before the start! Imagine the pride of looking at it once the marathon is over, remembering your performance! A nice memory of the event.

You will also find everything you need to refuel: cereal bars, sports gels and an sports drink sachet to keep your strength up during the effort.

You can browse through the product catalogue of our partner Diffusport which offers customised textiles for runners, skaters and cyclists. Some equipment available for your races or training sessions.

Finally, for the first time this year, you will receive a bottle of wine from "Maison Nuiton", partner of the Marathon des Grands Crus. Especially for wine lovers!

If you are underage, of course, no bottle of wine but a nice surprise instead!