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All you have to know about the transport shuttles !

Updated: Sep 12, 2023

In this article, you'll find all the information you need about the shuttle buses used for the two running and rollerblading half-marathons starting from Chambolle Musigny.

Shuttle transport is provided and included in the registration fee for each participant.

Participants must present themselves with their number to board the bus.

Transport is provided by our partner AUTOCARS ET VOYAGES GIRARDOT, which offers complete and original excursions throughout the year in France or abroad (stays or day trips). For the Marathon des Grands Crus, AUTOCARS ET VOYAGES GIRARDOT is putting 18 coaches at our disposal, as well as two sweepers.

Due to the traffic problems caused by the closure of the circuit and the lack of parking facilities in the starting towns, participants will have to take a shuttle bus to get to the start of the races.

No accompanying persons may take these shuttles. Under-age runners and skaters must be able to look after themselves, bearing in mind that there will be volunteers on site whom they can call on if necessary.

Participants will be dropped off at the Chambolle-Musigny bus stop and will have to walk to the start area in front of the Chambolle Musigny town hall, 600m from the drop-off point (signposting and volunteers on site).


ATTENTION: all participants must ensure that all their belongings are collected when they leave the shuttles.

Luggage lockers are available to participants at the :

- Village Départ located in Dijon / Allées du Parc near the secretariat,

- Chambolles Musigny in the lockers lorry provided for participants.

Left-luggage bags must be marked with the label supplied with the race numbers.

Small bags left at the lockers in Chambolle Musigny will be collected at the Village Départ located in the Allées du Parc near the refreshment area just after the race.

Maximum 1 bag per participant.

Small bags: maximum "cabin size" 55x35x20 cm authorised.

Half-marathon running

The shuttle buses will depart from Place Wilson, at the top of the Allées du Parc. Participants choose a shuttle time when they register, between 8.30am and 8.55am. Please respect the chosen time to ensure the event runs smoothly.

The running half-marathon will start at 10.30am (see the full programme).

Roller half-marathon

The shuttle buses will depart from Place Wilson, at the top of the Allées du Parc. Participants choose a shuttle time when they register, between 12.20 and 12.45. The roller half-marathon will start at 2.30pm (see the full programme).

Please note that the afternoon shuttles will not return to Dijon once participants have been dropped off at the start,

Access to the start for PRMs

A PRM shuttle bus will be provided in the morning and afternoon rotations. Please contact us if you wish to register a team or an athlete in a wheelchair, so that we can select the right time slot (and therefore the right shuttle) when you register.

Broom wagon

AUTOCARS ET VOYAGES GIRARDOT will also provide a broom wagon. These mark the end of the race. Consequently, they will collect participants who are unable to respect the time limits set, who will be dropped off in the village on the Allées du Parc at Place Wilson. For safety reasons, any competitor who refuses to board the broom bus will be disqualified from the race and will have to withdraw their number. They will then no longer be considered as competitors and will be placed under their own responsibility. (Consult the complete rules)


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