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Updated: Aug 18, 2021

Today even more than yesterday, at Crédit Agricole, we consider sport to be an essential activity: "Sport as a school of life". More than a leisure activity, sport is one of the driving forces of "living together", one of the last places where the French can meet in their diversity. Sport is also a school that allows each person to fulfil themselves, to grow and to move forward in life. The values it conveys are rich in lessons: surpassing oneself, self-esteem, humility, respect, management of pressure, but also learning about failure (and success), the ability to cope...

We share these values with the organisers of the Marathons des Grands Crus. Both of us care about our audiences or customers, we animate our territory, we encourage sharing and encounters, and we help bring projects to life. All this is in our DNA, it is both our mission and our privilege to contribute actively and in many ways to local life.

On the eve of this Marathon des Grands Crus, all the Crédit Agricole de Champagne-Bourgogne teams are proud and happy to wish a lot of success for this new edition!

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