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Running/Skating Relay KIDS

- NEW in 2021 -

Who is the relay race for?

Born between 2006 and 2011? Take up the running/skating relay challenge on Saturday 16 October at 4.30pm on the Allées du Parc circuit.

Three races are planned:

Race 1: Benjamins: 2010/2011

Race 2: Cadets: 2009/2008

Race 3: Juniors: 2006/2007

With whom?

Relay means team! Find a friend, a cousin, a brother, a sister, an acquaintance in your age category and form a team for maximum fun! Whether you come from the world of skating or running, this is an opportunity to discover your world!

The formation of the teams is free, they can be mixed, boys or girls.

How does it work?

The two teammates (a running relay runner and a skating relay runner) each run a 1500m lap. At the end of these 2 laps, the first team to cross the line is the winner.

On which circuit?

Start at the line for the running relay in the direction of the Michelet roundabout, in the downhill direction, around the roundabout, and back to the finish line via the Cours Général de Gaulle, in the uphill direction, i.e. 1500m. Passing of the relay at the finish line, start for 1 lap for the roller relay runner.

To sum up:

  • In team of 2 : 1 runner + 1 skater

  • 2 x 1500m

  • Free teams : mixed, boys, girls

  • Free registration required

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