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We tested for you : recovery with Cryo-Soft !

4 of our skaters have tested for you: recovery through cryotherapy with Cryo-Soft Dijon.

On Friday evening, we followed Charly (running), Zoé (running), Kevin (running) and Florian (pure height and freestyle) on a cryotherapy session.

We are welcomed in Quetigny by Sophie Blandin, the founder of Cryo-soft. Extremely benevolent, she introduces us to her job, explains the principle of cryotherapy and its benefits. Very attentive, she talks to us about the reactions that our body can have to exposure to cold and asks about possible contraindications.

The principle? We will be immersed in a cabin that exposes our body to a dry and intense cold for a few moments only. Maximum 3 minutes at a temperature that can go down to -180°C.

Confronting our body with cold will trigger a vasoconstriction reaction, i.e. a reduction in the diameter of our veins and an intensification of blood circulation to irrigate the vital organs (and therefore protect them).

Cryotherapy has many benefits. It promotes recovery after exercise, can reduce inflammation, reduce stress and improve the quality of sleep. Sophie confides that it is also used to relieve people suffering from certain diseases such as multiple sclerosis.

We put on gloves and socks to protect our hands and feet and off we go! Only Florian has already experimented with this recovery technique, we are all curious about the experience. The cabin is cooled with liquid nitrogen. Step by step, Sophie accompanies us, helping us to relax, explaining the reactions we experience when faced with the cold and managing the temperature to which the cabin descends. Shivering, teeth chattering.... indeed it's cold!

As we leave the cabin, she offers us a drink. She explains to us that hydration is essential after the session because cryotherapy dehydrates.


"I use cryotherapy to increase the speed of recovery after my intensive training sessions. It is also a tool for me to prevent certain injuries. I look for the sensation of "cool legs"; this sensation of cold is "regenerating" for me and allows me to absorb the training loads more easily". Florian Petitcollin

"I was curious to discover cryotherapy, I was expecting the cold sensation to remain much longer after the session but it is very temporary, as it is a dry cold. After this session I felt a sensation of well-being, of calmness, a certain lightness of the legs, quite pleasant. I can't wait to see the effects on a longer term follow-up." Zoé Remy

"I liked the cryotherapy because it is very relaxing for the muscles and mentally. You get a better sleep and you're more calmed down." Kevin Fourneret

"First experience for me. Quite surprising. The cold is very striking. The night's sleep following the session was most restful, and sleep is very important for recovery." Charly Grillon

As for the longer term benefits, Sophie explains that in general, it is said that it takes a minimum of 3 sessions to know if we are receptive to cryotherapy.... So we'll keep you posted!

In the meantime, do not hesitate to visit her at 2 rue de la Serpe in Quetigny. She will take great care of you. Cryo-Soft also offers pressotherapy sessions.

The mobile unit, "La Mobile by Cryo-Soft" will be present on the day of the Marathon des Grands Crus on the Allées du Parc. You can now book your sessions at preferential rates (individual session, package of 5 or 10 sessions) and enjoy a session during the event, after your race.

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to visit Sophie on 17 October!


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